Info Drive on 2019-nCoV @ Loguilo ES

Alubijid LGU-RHU personnel Sir Mark Araneta  went to Loguilo Elementary School on February  14, 2020  to conduct Information & Awareness Drive on 2019-nCoV  at 9 A.M. so that pupils and teachers were made highly aware of the said virus with preventive measures in line with its global alarming news in Wuhan,China that affects thousands of people worldwide.The key information was shared by Sir Araneta regarding 2019-nCoV and one highlighted safety measure was personal hygiene by washing of hands and using alcohol.The presence of Sir Mark helped the faculty and pupils to be very aware of keeping oneself safe from the trending  2019-nCov.Thus,the info drive went successfully with the full participation of everyone.Such Valentine’s Day was marked with  a love month filled with a healthy love by the Alubijid – LGU RHU for the community especially in Loguilo Elementary School regarding prevention of 2019-nCoV.