The Nutrition Program aims at improving foods and nutrition knowledge, attitudes and practices of families in the barangays. In terms of exclusive breastfeeding; food complementation using calorie and nutrient dense food; home, school and community food production; and improving diets in terms of quantity and quality.



The Office of the Agricultural Services (OAS) provides basic agricultural services under the “AgriPinoy Program” specifically: Rice AgriPinoy Program, Corn AgriPinoy Program, High Value Crops Development Program, Livestock AgriPinoy Program, Fishery AgriPinoy Program and Organic Agriculture Program

Allied Services include the: Strengthening of Rural Based Organization (Cooperatives/Associations), Natural Resource & Coastal Resource Management and Farmers Information Technology System (FITS)

Other activities undertaken include the conduct of farmers and fishers’ trainings for livelihood projects; tapped relevant line agencies and private institutions for information & new packages of technology; protected large and small animals on occurrences of diseases; conducted information drive from time to time on preventions of diseases on large and small animals; ensure the rehabilitation, expansion, protection of existing mangrove areas through large scale planting and replanting of mangrove trees, and the conduct of periodic coastal cleanup; strengthened agri-development extension work; promoted sustainable farming practices through the implementation of programs, projects & activities supportive to sustainable agriculture like organic farming, contour farming and ; conducted rehabilitation and protection of river banks through planting trees and fruit tree.