ROTA, Dares to Care

It takes a village to educate a child, but it takes a brave heart to dare. Our environment shapes the well-being of a child. it dictates how he will behave and motivates him to follow his dreams amidst adversity. To nurture the growing child is everybody’s responsibility. We all know the role they play for the future of our country. But, sometimes we forget or too busy to care.

We send them to school to equip them with skills that he needs to face the future independently. Although, education is free to all but there are circumstances that hinders some children to enjoy the privileged.

The mountainous landscape of Alubijid suggests difficult access to schools. Many school aged children walk miles crossing river and streams. They live even far from “Barrios” that electricity is a luxury to have. These are children whom we consider “at risk of dropping out to school”. Specially, kindergarten children and those who are have special needs. The government introduce programs to reduce dropout rate in school, they were effective but nowadays, everybody must be involved. 

It has been seven years since ROTA Phil. Inc. came in the picture. They have never fail to paint a smile on children’s faces in every school they visit. I love to think that these people give them inspiration and made them feel that they are loved unconditionally.

The organization is composed of a group of people who are the same interest in nurture-nature related activities and community service. It’s mission, reaching out through altruism.

These acts, simple as it seem, contributed an impact to the community they visit and gives hope to humanity.