Municipal Social Welfare & Development Office

Day Care Service– is a program whereby supplemental parental care is provided to attend to child’s needs, to ensure his/her comfort and to provide safety and provides creative experiences, mental stimulation, cognitive skills development, and value formation.


Supplemental Feeding -is a 120-day feeding to 1,040 children who are currently enrolled in the Day Care Service under the supervision of 30 Day Care Workers. It is provided daily during school days following the menu prescri bed by DSWD Nutritionist-dietician. The DSWD-X has allocated the aggregate amount of 1.6 M during the past school years. This program is supplemented by PABASA sa Barangay handled by the Municipal Nutrition Action Officer.


Women Empowerment.
There are 20 active Women associations in the 16 barangays in the municipality. Each has its own livelihood project starting with the capital extended by the Local Government Unit.



Livelihood program/Sustainable Livelihood Program*

Under Sustainable Livelihood Program of DSWD FO-X, 16 SIA Kaunlaran Associations (SKA) with a total of 308 beneficiaries have been extended P1,556,000.00 in preparation for other income generating project if they will end up the Pantawid Pamilya Program for terminated beneficiaries with no children 18 years old and below.



Senior Citizen/Social Pension
Senior Citizens are master listed, validated and are recommended as Social Pensioners of DSWD-X. Frail and sick Senior Citizens are the priority. At present there are 583 eligible Senior Citizens who are beneficiaries of Social Pension. Each receives a monthly pension of P500.00 released quarterly equivalent to P1,500.00/Senior Citizen Beneficiary.
In addition, R.A. 10645 has mandatorily covered 1,557 registered Seniors for medical needs under PhilHealth Insurance Program.

local housing

Local Housing Program:
Pursuant to R.A. 10121 (The Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act of 2010) in connection to Urban Development Housing Authority (UDHA), citizens who settled in hazardous areas and flood victims of Sungay, Lourdes and affected by road widening in Lanao are now settled and awarded individual lots in:
1. Fresh Hills Village Resettlement –
Area : 3.007 has.
Acquisition Cost: 1.2M
Total no. Of lots generated: 141 lots (8 x 8 sq.m/lot)
 Water Improvement under DILG Sitio Tubig Program in the total amount of 1.3 M
 National Housing Authority Assistance for Physical Development Amounted to 12 M.
 Multi-purpose Building funded by LGU with total cost of P500,000.00
 Solar Dryer cum children’s playground worth P320,000.00
 and an extension of potable water service connection by LGU


2. Molocboloc Lanao (MOLA) Resettlement Project
Area : 1.1909 has.
Acquisition Cost: 1.2M
No. Of lots generated: 109
Area per lot: 5 x 10 sq.m
No. Of beneficiaries : 103 families
 Solar Dryer cum children’s playground worth P320,000.00
 and an extension of potable water service connection by LGU


3. Alubijid Lourdes Misamis Oriental (ALMO) Resettlement Complex
Area : 8.8459 has.
Acquisition Cost: P895,750.00
No. of lots generated : 340 lots
Area per lot : 10 x 10 sq.m
No. Of beneficiaries: 303 families

These relocation sites are energized by MORESCO-I under Sitio Electrification Program
Pantawid Pamilya Program
The result of NHTS enumeration last 2009 conducted by DSWD-X obtained 3, 356 as identified poor families and the total active beneficiaries in the Municipality of Alubijid for Pantawid Pamilya Program as of May 2015 is 2,254. Each family is granted P300.00 for education assistance for elementary children and P500.00 for High School students. Aside from this, P500.00 per month for Health assistance is given to families with children 0-5 years old which also requires mother’s participation in Family Development Session (FDS).
The total allocation for these beneficiaries amounted to P4,725,700.00 as of November-December, 2014, a direct cash allotment from National Poverty Alleviation Program implemented by DSWD and monitored by the Local Government Unit thru Municipal Inter-agency Action Committee (MIAC).


National Housing Targeting System (NHTS)
A data base to determine who and where the poor households are in the municipality. It is used as a baseline data in the delivery of basic social programs & services to potential target beneficiaries. To date there are 12 enumerators deployed by DSWD FO-X to conduct NHTS Listahan to scour nhts2barangays and remote villages in the community which are not covered and enrolled in Pantawid Pamilya Program
. Hopefully no less than 1,000 household will be covered by the program.

is a Poverty Alleviation Program of the bNational Government Implemented by the DSWD, supported by the Philippine Development Plan (2011-2016) of which Aluibijid is one of the recipients.
An amount of 13M is allocated for the municipality as recipient of the program starting this year 2015.

Educational Assistance. . . .
Recognizing the vital role of the youth in nation-building and to strengthen the Government resolve that no one should be left behind, a scholarship program for poor but deserving college students was launched and funded by the Local Government Unit with contributions from the Barangay Councils and private sector. First conceptualized in the late 1990’s, the program has produced 74 college graduates from the Bukidnon State University External Studies Center at Alubijid, Misamis Oriental starting 2002 up to the present. The program has current allocation of Php500,000.00. For its holistic development, the scholars are regularly oriented in values formation by voluntary pastors from Alubijid-Laguindingan-El Salvador Ministers Assocition (ALEMA)

story behind

A story behind every action
An innovative multi-service extension program by the LGU dubbed as “BISITA SA BARANGAY” is an effort to provide services to barangay residents ranging from civil registration, medical consultation, animal health care, senior’s gift giving, business permit processing, tax collection campaign and other rendition of existing government services and programs. Residents are also afforded face-to-face contact and consultation with local officials and can verbally relate their issues and concerns to them, and in certain instances, resolution afforded at hand.
An off-shot to the activity is the first-ever “BISITA SA CORRECTIONAL” at the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology Rehabilitaion Center in Initao where detainees awaiting trial and disposal of cases are held. Medical examination, food-sharing and basic provisions – giving were extended to them.




Service knows no boundaries……….
A manifestation of the local government’s effort to reach-out and serve its constituents regardless of location – is the rehabilitation of a Day Care Center located in remote Sitio Seriwagan, Barangay Sungay. First constructed in 1999 or thereabouts, completed partially through “pahina”, and materials brought then by cattle and horses, it was renovated and foundation retrofitted through the assistance of the DSWD-X. At present, fifteen 3-4 year old Pre-school children are enrolled supervised by a hardworking and dedicated Day Care Provider.
It can be recalled that approval and consideration of the project hit snag due to its location. A river has to be forged and a vanishing trail traversed before the first shovel of mixed sand and cement could be poured. However, the indomitable spirit of the eager parents anticipating realization of the project defiantly prevailed and motivated all concerned to pursue the same to its completion.
Now serving the purpose to which it was constructed, the Seriwagan Day Care Center is a testament to the commitment of preparing the young for a btter future and prosperous life ahead.