The Barangay Sungay Resettlement Project is one of the pioneering programs of the Local Government Unit of Alubijid, Misamis Oriental for the informal setters as well as permanent residents residing near the disaster prone area. It also includes those residents who are also flood victims of Typhoon since 2007. The need to relocate and resettle them away from the disaster prone area has been seen as one of the long term solution to the climate change effect that is happening in our country. The residents of Barangay Sungay, especially those residing near the river, has been identified as one of the potential flood victims especially during rainy season. The lot being established as the resettlement area is purchased by the local government in the amount of Php 1.2 million while the amenities thereof (roads, canals, etc.) is financed by the National Housing Authority in the amount of Php 12 million. The materials used to construct the house are shouldered by the homeowners themselves. Electricity and water supply are also being provided by MORESCO under the PNoy Sitio Energization Program and Barangay Unit of Sungay, respectively. To date, there are already over 200 families that were relocated and resettled to the said site.
Below are images of the Sungay Resettlement Project.