(2010 to 2015)

1. Municipal Ordinance No. 09 – (09/27/10), creating the position of Human Resource Management Officer II (Grade 15), 2-Administrative Assistant II (Grade 8), at the Mayor’s Office and Laboratory Inspector II (Grade 10) at the Municipal Health Office and defining its functions and duties, subject to existing Rules of the Civil Service Commission (CSC);
2. Municipal Ordinance No. 10 – (09/27/10), reallocating classes of positions of Public Health Workers in Annex “B” of the Local Budget Circular No. 2009-92 dated September 3, 2009;
3. Municipal Ordinance No. 22-2011 (01/24/11) “An Ordinance adopting the Revised Zoning Regulations for the Municipality of Alubijid, Misamis Oriental and providing for the administration, enforcement and amendment thereof, and for the repeal of all ordinances in conflict therewith”;
4. Municipal Ordinance No. 24-2011 (03/21/11) “An Ordinance creating and organizing the Municipal Excise Tax Board on Tobacco Products in Alubijid, Misamis Oriental and defining its duties and responsibilities thereof”;
5. Municipal Ordinance No. 27-2011 (07/18/11) “An Ordinance amending Section (1) of Municipal Ordinance No. 19-2009, creating the Municipal Housing Board for the Municipality of Alubijid, Misamis Oriental, as follows:

CHAIRMAN – Municipal Mayor
VICE CHAIRMAN – Municipal Vice Mayor
Municipal Engineer
Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator
Municipal Assessor
Municipal Budget Officer
Municipal Social Welfare and Development Officer
SB Member – Chairman, Committee on Planning, Housing, Land Use & Subdivision
Barangay Captain of the Housing Project Site
PNP Chief of Police
Parish Priest – Roman Catholic Church (NGO)

6. Municipal Ordinance No. 28-2011 (11/21/11) “An ordinance establishing the general guidelines and/or policy governing the implementation of the Municipal Relocation and/or Housing Program in Alubijid, Misamis Oriental;
7. Municipal Ordinance No. 29-2011 (12/4/11) “An Ordinance providing the guidelines and regulations for the installation and display of billboards and advertising signs in and around the municipality of Alubijid, Misamis Oriental”;
8. Municipal Ordinance No. 30 -2012 (01/30/12) “An ordinance supporting the Manpower Skills Registration System of the Bureau of Local Employment, Department of Labor and Employment, creating the position of Barangay Manpower Skills Registration focal person, designating the Secretary to the Sanggunian of the Sangguniang Barangay of each of the barangay in the municipality to the said office for the meantime the said barangay is not yet financially capable to provide the budgetary requirement of the said office”;
9. Municipal Ordinance No. 34-2012 (06/11/12) “An ordinance adopting the Lunsay nga Alubijidnon as the Official Alubijid Hymn in the Local Government Unit of Alubijid, Misamis Oriental;
10. Municipal Ordinance No. 35-2012 (06/25/12) “An ordinance establishing and maintaining a trust fund account under the name of the Local Government Unit out of the proceeds of the outpatient benefit package and/or primary care benefit 1 (PCB!) package for services rendered by the municipal health office/center primary care benefit provider”;
11. Municipal Ordinance No. 36-2012 (08/22-12) “An ordinance prohibiting the practice of the Traditional Birth Attendant known as “Hilot” in attending home deliveries pursuant to Administrative Order No. 79 S. of 2000, dated July 10, 2000, on Safe Motherhood Policy and providing penalties for violation thereof”;
12. Municipal Ordinance No. 40-2014 (02/17/14) “An ordinance creating the Public Employment Service Office (PESO) and defining its composition, duties and functions in the Local Government Unit of Alubijid, Misamis Oriental”;
13. Municipal Ordinance No. 40-A-2014 (02/17/14) “An ordinance creating the position of Medical Technologist (Grade 11) at the Municipal Health Office and defining its functions and duties, subject to existing COA Rules of the Civil Service Commission;
14. Municipal Ordinance No. 52-2014 (12/01/14) “An ordinance adopting and institutionalizing a simplified and streamlined business processing and licensing system (BPLS) in the Municipality of Alubijid, Misamis Oriental, appropriating funds therefore and for such other purposes;
15. Municipal Ordinance No. 57-2015 (03/09/15) “An ordinance creating the Human Resource Management and Development Office (HRMDO), and defining its composition, duties and functions in the Local Government Unit of Alubijid, Misamis Oriental, in pursuance to the rules and regulations of the Civil Service Commission;

Economic Development
1. Municipal Ordinance No. 07 – (10/04/10), amending Section 32, C. 1.b,c,d of Article D of the Revised Revenue Code on Cemetery Fees and Charges, and providing penalties for the violation thereof;
1. Municipal Ordinance No. 23-2011 (03/21/11) “An ordinance revising the rates of fees and charges under Ordinance No. 17-2009 (Revised Revenue Code Chapter (3) Article A, (Mayor’s Permit Fee on Business), letter (JJJ) on poultry, at fifty centavos (P.50) per bird and sixty centavos (.60) per bird for more than P200,000.00 population”;
2. Municipal Ordinance No. 31-2012 (02/27/12) “An ordinance imposing service fees and charges covering normal delivery and other medical services offered at the Municipal Health Center/Lying-In clinic in Alubijid, Misamis Oriental, thereby amending section 5 of Municipal Ordinance No. 26-2011”;
3. Municipal Ordinance No. 32-2012 (04/23/12) “An Ordinance imposing, assessing, and collecting the amount of Php0.25 per chick/chicken in all poultry farms and Php10.00 per piglet/pig in every backyard and commercial piggery farms operating in the municipality as regulatory fees, to be paid annually, in furtherance of the Health and Sanitation Program and for other purposes”;
4. Municipal Ordinance No. 46-2014, (06/09/14) “An ordinance authorizing the proposed borrowing of the municipality of Alubijid, Province of Misamis Oriental, in the amount of Eighteen Million Pesos (P18,000,000.00) with Land Bank of the Philippines, Cagayan de Oro Lending Center, Velez Street, Cagayan de Oro City, to fund the procurement of construction and heavy equipments;

Health Services
1. Municipal Ordinance No. 51-2014, “An ordinance imposing Laboratory Fee at the Alubijid Lying-In Clinic/Rural Health Unit of Alubijid, Misamis Oriental, to wit:
1. Complete Blood Count P 70.00 P 100.00
2. Urinalysis P 40.00 P 50.00
3. Fecalysis P 40.00 P 50.00
4. Hemoglobin DETN P 60.00 P 60.00
5. Hepatitis (B) Surface Antigen P 120.00 P 120.00
6. Blood Sugar Test (using Glucometer) P 70.00 P 70.00

1. Fasting Blood Sugar P 100.00 P 130.00
2. Creatinine P 100.00 P 130.00
3. Blood Uric Acid P 100.00 P 130.00
4. Lipid Profile P 500.00 P 650.00
* Cholesterol * Triglycerides
* Good Cholesterol * Bad Cholesterol
5. Cholesterol P 200.00 P 260.00
6. Triglycerides P 200.00 P 260.00
7. SGPT P 150.00 P 195.00

1. Municipal Ordinance No. 06 – (10/04/10), an ordinance to strengthen the activities of the Municipal TB Control Program, to attain Tuberculosis free community and appropriating funds thereof;
2. Municipal Ordinance No. 26-2011 (06/21-11)“An ordinance imposing fees and charges covering normal childbirth delivery and other medical services offered at the Municipal Health Center/Lying-in Clinic in Alubijid, Misamis Oriental”;
3. Municipal Ordinance No. 33-2012 (05/21/12) “An ordinance adopting for implementation Republic Act No. 9482, series of May 25, 2007, entitled, An act providing for the control and elimination of Human and Animal Rabies, prescribing penalties for violation thereof and appropriation funds therefor”;
4. Municipal Ordinance No. 47-2014 (12/01/14) “An ordinance to regulate smoking in public palces, including public conveyances and providing penalties thereto in accordance with the implementing rules and regulations of Republic Act 9211 or the Tobacco Regulatory Act of 2003;

Peace, Order and Justice
1. Municipal Ordinance No. 21-2011 (01/24/11) “An ordinance to secure the General Welfare of the residents and property owners of the municipality of Alubijid, Misamis Oriental by the regulation of noise within said municipality, and to prescribe penalties for the violation thereof, generated, created and/or caused by motor vehicle mufflers and sound-amplifying machines, such as but not limited to, musical instruments, videoke, karaoke, and token-operated sound system installed, fixed, and set-up in business establishments and private residences”;

2. Municipal Ordinance No. 47-2014, “An ordinance implementing Forced Evacuation as a resort when a disaster or emergency has been declared in the municipality and danger of loss of lives becomes imminent, providing penalties therefore and for other purposes.

Social Services
1. Municipal Ordinance No. 37-2012 (11/12/12) “An Ordinance adopting for implementation Ordinance No. 1036-2008 otherwise known as the Comprehensive Children’s Welfare Code of Misamis Oriental”;
2. Municipal Ordinance No. 48-2014, “An ordinance prohibiting the owner, operator or responsible person of any commercial video or computer establishment including piso nets, licensed or not, operating within the Alubijid, Misamis Oriental, from or admitting or allowing student-minors or pupil/s in all levels from any school, public or private, to enter the said commercial video or computer establishment during school days from 7:00 in the morning to 5:00 in the afternoon and providing penalties for any violations therefore;

Environmental Conservation and Tourism Services
1. Municipal Ordinance No. 53-2014, “An ordinance declaring every 4th Saturday of June as Arbor Day of the Municipality of Alubijid, Misamis Oriental;
2. Municipal Ordinance No. 55-2014, “An ordinance regulating the entry of individuals and groups to Mt. Salumayagon in barangay Tula, Alubijid, Misamis Oriental and imposing fees and penalties for Scientific, Educational, Recreational and Tourism purposes